How to Submit Content to WRCN

Wind River Community News

-Assign ONE person in your council, agency or organization to handle your media and promotions.
-Make sure that is included in your outgoing media e-mail lists, then send your content using the following format:

TITLE OF EVENT/MEETING/GATHERING - DAY, DATE, TIME, LOCATION/ADDRESS. A BRIEF DESCRIPTION of your event. CONTACT information (name, phone, e-mail, website, Facebook page, social networks, etc.) NOTE: For online conferences (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc), send all call-in information.

- Send all releases as a DOCX or copy/paste it into an e-mail. If possible, DO NOT SEND RELEASES AS PDF FILES! Send as a Word or Google DOCX file, or copy/paste into an e-mail, or use an e-mail marketing campaign (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc). Attach at least one (1) photo or logo graphic, separately, with the release. Provide the first and last names of individuals posing in any photo(s) you submit. NOTE: For children ages 17 and under, have a letter or a media permission slip signed by a parent/guardian on file before sending out your press releases, and provide a copy along with your release.
Newsletters will be published on WRCN, then posted in a "Newsletters" Section in our daily updates on WRCNs main page (right sidebar).
-Make sure that our e-mail, is included in your e-mail groups to receive your newsletters and/or e-newsletter campaigns (Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc.)
-Publish your newsletter to your organization's web site first (if you have one). Contact your webmasters to update, then notify WRCN that your newsletter has been published, and send the URL (link).
- If you don’t have a website, you may send your newsletter as a PDF, and we will publish it for you.
E-mail Carol Harper All letters to the editor and guest commentaries will be published, reviewed for relevance, and may be edited for grammar and flow. You will receive a pre-final copy to review before it is published.
Blog Authors: Please update your blog weekly, or at least monthly. Notify us upon publishing, so we can link you up.
If WRCN hosts your blog page, please send articles as a DOCX, or in copy/paste it into an e-mail.
Please send your LTEs signed with your first and last name, and where you’re from. If you feel the need to have your LTE published anonymously, please indicate your reasons/concerns along with your submission.
WHERE will your content be published? Wind River Community News, 
Newsletters will be posted in the right hand side bar, and run through the end of the month/season.
Announcements/community briefs/public meeting notices will be published in the “News & Announcements”, “Community Calendar” , “Ongoing Events, Meetings & Activities” or "FYI..." sections on the Main Page.
Releases, articles, etc. will be linked to the main page under “News & Announcements”
All daily content will be shared (at least once) on our Facebook Page at:

WHEN will your content be published? WRCN is a daily news blog. There are no deadlines except the ones you make for yourself. If you have an urgent announcement, we will publish it as soon as we receive it. Daily news blog posts are usually published by 12 Noon, every day, Monday through Friday. We recommend that you send your content for your events at least 4-6 weeks ahead, for the most effective promotion.

WHAT IS COMMUNITY MEDIA? Community media is any form of media that is created and controlled by a community, either a geographic community, or a community of identity or interest. Community media is separate from commercial/corporate media, state run media, or public broadcasting. If you are interested in being a contributor or citizen journalist for WRCN, please contact us at

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