Grow Our Own

We invite you to join Grow Our Own, meeting via Zoom every Sunday from 11a.m. to 2p.m. 
We are learning about complimentary gardening, growing potatoes in containers, tomatoes,  composting, and eventually get to learning about canning and meat slicing. 

Either as a participant or a funder, we honor all lovers of gardening!

Generous donations go toward garden supplies, soil, containers, and seeds for families here in Wind River who have filled out this form. If you haven't filled it out or know a family who could benefit from this please share this with them. We would like to know how many people want to grow a garden this year. 

Request to Join!

Good cause to donate to...5, 10, 20 dollars helps and can a long way. If you can donate more please do so. We are happy to help anyway we can through Grow Our Own.

Like our Facebook page at this link: 

Here is the link to make donations toward our cause. We appreciate your support in our efforts to provide supplies and gardening skills to the Wind River Community. Thank you very much!

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